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There are always new and better products coming out that look amazing and promise to save your world for just a simple price.
I’ts the beginning of the year and many brands have announced new collections, innovative products and “sneak peaks” of their upcoming plans to empty your wallet.

Now it may seem that I am all negative about this fact, but I’m not!  I love spending money on things that are cute and pretty and have stolen my heart. I just have to say that I always try to spend my money wisely and not all at once. Saving for something is better than getting in debt for a new brushset. But once I have set my mind on a product I am willing to put my money aside until I can buy it.

Now that this is clear (and if it isn’t, just ask me about it) I have been seeing some beauties that have made my heart pidder-padder with excitement. For some of these products I have to wait a few months and others come out next week. At the moment my savings are in reserve for my trip to Norway this summer (you can find out more about this from my Vlogmas videos on YouTube) so I won’t be buying expensive things until after the summer. I just want to show you what things I like, hope that’s OK.

So the first thing is coming out on the 5th of March and I think that many people have been waiting for products like these.
Sigma is coming out with a new brush-set that is called the Performance Eyes Kit. These are all eye-brushes that are specially designed for very precise with cream, liquid and powder products. Here is a picture and than you will know what I mean:

The kit features 8 brand new brushes (listed left to right):

E11 Eye Liner
E16 Tightline Liner
E17 Waterline Liner
E21 Smudge Brush
E36 Blending
E46 Shader – Inner Corner
E56 Shader – Lid
E47 Shader – Crease

You can click on the picture to see it full-sized.
(this picture is property of Sigma Beauty)

I don’t mind that it comes in a set because I could use them all, and Sigma tends to bring out the brushes out individually when the set is popular after a while (but no guarantees of coarse).

Here is a link to Sigma where you can shop for these beautiful brushes:
Sigma Beauty

The next collection that has caught my eye is one by MAC

OK just a little about MAC, I don’t own many MAC products (there are still many on my mental wishlist) but I have not been impressed by the recent collections that they have come out with. The last “good” one in my opinion was the Ice Parade Collection. It feels a bit to me like they are just making up things just so they can bring out many collections (quantity over quality).

But then I heard that MAC is bringing out a Marilyn Monroe Collection in the fall of 2012!!! There are no preview pictures at this moment but they said that they are using the bold sexy Marilyn ánd the timid Marilyn as inspiration. The collection will be around the 30 products including at least eyeshadow, lipstick  and nailpolish. This is just a dream come true. I love the make-up of those olden- days Icons like Marilyn, Brigitte, Audrey and Elisabeth. So I’m very much looking forward to see what this collection will bring

And the final collection is the China Glaze Capitol Colours (The Hunger Games Collection) *drewl*
This might be the collection that I need to own in it’s full. (I just gave my wallet a heart attack *oeps*)
I am a hugh fan of the Hunger Game trilogy! I own all the books and I devoured them as soon as I got my hands on them. I am also very happy to have read these books before the movie comes out.
The collection was almost canceled by the movie company Loin Gate. I am very happy that the collection will see the light and hopefully the surface of my nails ;)
The colors are beautiful. There are creamy finishes and glitter polishes and my absolute favorite is Harvest Moon.
Here is a picture of the collection (note: this picture is not owned by me)

Here is a little bit of information about each colorname:

Dress Me Up - This shade was named after District 8 for textiles.
Foie Grass - This shade was named after District 10 for livestock.
Fast Track - This shade was named after District 6 for transportation.
Hook and Line - This shade is named after District 4 for fishing.
Stone Cold - This shade is named for District 2 for masonry.
Smoke and Ashes - This shade is named for District 12 for mining.
Agro -  This shade is named after District 11 for agriculture.
Mahogany Magic -  This shade is named for District 7 for lumber.
Harvest Moon - This shade was named after District 9 for grain.
Riveting - This shade is named for District 3 for technology.
Electrify - This shade was named after District 5 for power.
Luxe and Lush -  This shade is named after District 1 for luxury.

The collection is in march available in the US. I’m not sure when we in the Netherlands will be able to buy these beautiful polishes.
There is however until March 18th a chance to win this collection from a Turkish blog. This is your chance to own it, even if you are not in the US.
To enter you just go to this link:


Which one of these collections have tickled your senses? I wish I had a pot of gold and could buy them all.
If/when I buy some of these products I will be sure to make a seperate post about them.

Until my next post


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