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You may have seen these products in my latest videos and post, but in this one I am doing a review on the Dead Sea Mud Olive Soap and the African Black Soap by Il Sapone. At the end of this post I also have a little gift for one of my readers ;) .

Il Sapone is a dutch web-shop and a whole seller which sells mainly handmade soaps and accessories that are soap related.
They use all natural ingredients and all of the products they sell are completely animal-cruelty free. They are even listen on the website on the cosmetics list. This is a dutch websites which lists companies who have proven to use no animal-cruelty.
The owner of the shop (Anita) also tweets lots of interesting information about how she makes the soaps and what products she uses. The tweets are dutch but if you know dutch you can follow her by clicking this link: The olive oil used for Il Sapone’s soap comes from Sardinia in Italy. Anita found out about these oils through a friend of her husband. He went to Sardinia a lot for his job (exporting flowers). The friend came to know of Anita’s dry skin and gave them a bottle of pure olive oil to take home. Ever since she used that oil her dry skin was no longer a problem. Knowing how much she loved the olive oil her friend kept sending some oil over along with other local treats like local food, every time Anita’s husband came to Sardinia (Of coarse now she also sends back cases of soap in return.) She also went down to Sardinia every fall as a work related holiday. Her cousin came with the idea to make soap out of the oils they had discovered there. Anita and her cousin had both already taken a herborist and a aromatherapy course so they where familiar with making similar products. In the end Anita continued alone and one thing led to another and now she is running a very successful webshop with help from her husband. She also sells to other countries and there are even customers in Belgium and Germany who buy her soap per block so they can cut it up themselves in a store or at a market. Thriving in these hard economic times is something Anita is very happy with, and the results of her dedication is visible in every products she come up with.

The Olive Oil Soaps
Their olive oil soaps are made with the finest olive oil from Sardinia Italy and all the pieces are freshly cut before sending. One piece of soap weighs approximately 150 grams. The pieces are send sealed and wrapped in waterresistant paper so They don’t dry out during shipping. (even now I still keep the biggest piece of the soap in their original wrapping so the soap stays fresh). In the shop they sell at the moment 15 different kinds of olive oil soaps. Each of these soaps is made with all natural ingredients which are all listed in the product description.

The Dead Sea Mud Olive Oil Soap
The soap that I have purchased from her shop was the Dead Sea Mud Soap. This soap is made with mud from the dead sea which contains salts and other minerals that give the soap a soft creamy foaming texture. The dead sea in Israel is know for its healing properties to the skin. This soaps works wonders if you have sensitive skin or problematic skin that tends to turn red from using harsh products on it. It takes away redness and reduces inflamed patches of skin. The soap also contains Lemongrass and Vetiver which gives it a fresh citrus scent.
This particular Dead Sea Mud is supplied by a whole seller in Israel who also supplies Il Sapone with Salt for her Salt scrubs that are available in the shop.

Price – €6,95 per piece (150 gram)

My own opinion – I store this soap my cutting off little pieces and keeping them in a sealed tin over by my sink.  I use it almost every night to wash my face after I have taken off my make-up. First I wet my face with water and then I take a little piece in my hand an with a splash of water I rub the soap until I have enough foam to wash my face. The foam itself is so creamy that it almost feels like a lotion, so don’t expect a lot of bubbles. The soap feels really soft and does not dry out my skin in the slightest. The biggest change in my skin that I notice after I wash my face is that the color seems a lot more even. I noticed this from the first time I used the soap. After having used the soap now for a good 7 weeks I can see that my skin has become more even in texture as well as in the over all tone of my face.
I also notice that by using soap after a cleansing lotion or milk, my face feels a lot cleaner. After you rinse the soap of your face you feel a slight pulling on your skin because of how clean it is, but once all the moisture has dried you no longer feel that. The first time I used the soap my face felt so much more soft that it almost seemed as though my fingers where slipping on my cheeks when I touched them. In all I really love this soap and one piece will last you such a long time. I would not be surprised if it lasted me the whole year!

Here are some pictures of the soap:

In the image above you can clearly see the Dead Sea Mud bits.
Below you see the image used on the website

The African Black Soap
This soap originates in a small village in Ghana where it is handmade by local women. The women use an ancient recipe which is based from cacao, unrefined sheabutter and palmoil. There are no scents or coloring added. The soap itself has a smokey scent. African Black Soap has been used for ages in Africa, mostly to improve with skin-problems such as acne and skin-irritation.
The soap can be used on your entire body and also as a mask by dissolving a little piece in water and applying it to your face. Let is rest for 3-5 minutes and then rinse. Afterwards you can care for your skin by using the Shea butter sold in the Il Sapone webshop.

It is advised to first try out the soap by using it one/twice a week to see how your skin reacts to it, after that you can build the use when your skin is getting accustomed to it. This warning is because the soap is very powerful and starting out with using it as a mask your skin can get very irritated.

The soap is delivered in a little resealable kraft bag.
Price – €6,95 per bag (100 gram)

My own opinion – Anita (the shopowner) advised me to try out her famous African Black Soap because I told her that I was looking for something powerful against my acne and my cystic acne. She told me about the effect it could have on my skin if I used it too often in the beginning so I only used it twice a week in the first month. Now that I notice that is doesn’t feel as stingy on my face I use it whenever I feel like I need it (when I have active acne or when it is “that” time of the month).
This soap unlike the Dead Sea Mud Soap foams a lot when you break a little piece off and rub it in your hands with lukewarm water. The soap feels alsmost like dough or a brownie (it even looks a bit like brownie), so breaking off a little piece is very easy. You can store the entire soap in the bag in which it came because it has a resealable top. For my entire face I use about a pea-sized amount. The foam is a bit yellow and the soap smells smokey with an earthy undertone. It smells very strange at first but you get used to it fast and now I find it quite pleasant.
When you wash your face with this soap you will feel a bit stingy and a slight burn on the places where you have active acne, on the rest of my face it felt just like a normal soft soap. After rinsing you can really tell that it targets your pimples and dries them out but the amazing part is that the rest of your face does not feel dehydrated at all. You do get the slight pulling sensation like I described  for the Dead Sea Mud Soap, but this also disappears when the face is completely dried. I have yet to try it as a mask but I do intent to do so, but not more often than once a month. I have also not tried it on other parts of my body, but then again I do not suffer from acne on for instance my back. I do believe that it would be helpful for such skin-problems seeing as to how good it works for my face.
Again a raving review but I just have to say that the advice that Anita gave me on which soaps to buy has very much surprised me. I did not expect to love these products this much when I first ordered them.

Here are some pictures of the African Black Soap:

The picture below is the one used on the website:


Shipping is €3,50 and Il Sapone DOES ship INTERNATIONALLY. Shipping on orders over €35,- is free.
You get a little sample soap with every order you make.

If you have gotten interested in the African Black Soap you can put “african black soap” in the “opmerking” field (comments section) when you finish your order, you will receive a sample size of this soap to try out.

And now for the Giveaway!!!

Anita was so kind as to send me a free fullsize piece of soap to give to one of my readers.
The soap she send was the Olive Oil Scrub Soap in Chocolate Cream.

Here is a picture of the packaging with the ingredients on it and the picture that is used on the website. (The soap that I will give away has never been taken out of its packaging so I have not made pictures of the product myself)

The topnotes for this Scrub Soap are honey with a heart of vanilla, coconut and caramel. The heartnotes are walnut, musk, tonkabean and a soft wooden scent.

The Rules:

If you want to win this soap all you need to do is:

  1. Follow me on twitter
  2. Follow Il Sapone on twitter
  3. Tweet this sentence:
    Follow @Bieneke & @ilsapone and RT to win a Olive Oil Scrub Soap in Chocolate Cream!
    Visite for more info #win
  4. Leave a comment telling me what your favorite scent is when it comes to soaps
    (Also leave your twittername in that comment)

This giveaway is open international! You can enter until april 11th 2012

Good luck and until my next post!



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Mar 28, 2012
10:35 pm
#1 Sandra Jonker :

Mijn favoriete geur is chocolade. Het is niet alleen lekker als smaak, maar ik denk ook dat als je na het douchen naar chocolade ruikt, je hele dag weer goed is.
mijn twitternaam is @xsajo

Mar 29, 2012
9:12 am
#2 Joy :

Oh wat een heerlijke zepen!
Ik ben vooral fan van cocos en framboos geuren. Blijft zo lekker hangen en geeft me een vrolijk gevoel alsof ik op vakantie ben in een zonnig oord :)

Ik heb ook de actie even getweet:!/GewoonGezellie/status/185262328533626880

Mar 29, 2012
9:29 am
#3 Ina (nobadfeelings) :

My favorite scent when it comes to soaps (from il sapone) is spearmint. Al of here soaps are very good even or special if you have a sensitive skin.

Mar 29, 2012
12:44 pm

As owner of a lavenderfarm, my favorite scent is lavender of course

Mar 29, 2012
12:51 pm

Lijkt me heerlijk, zeker na je mooie verhaal!
Hopelijk maak ik een kansje ♥
Nathalie Bosman recently posted..NathalieBosman: @tantehatseflats @spullenvanblom Ik vind het ook supermoeilijk :-( maar heb een poging gedaan ! en nu afwachtenMy Profile

Mar 30, 2012
10:04 pm
#6 Fateesha :

I love black soap been getting it for years online from Afrikan Republic. Here’s their website – Afrikan Republic

Mar 31, 2012
6:41 am

I’m following both of you on Twitter (@NTFancy) and I tweeted about it here:!/NTFancy/status/185949486659543040

My favourite scents for soap are foodie ones like vanilla, lemongrass or cocoa.

kate1485 at
Jasmine1485 recently posted..Vegie Risotto Cakes – Economical and TastyMy Profile

Mar 31, 2012
10:37 am
#8 @AuttyW :

My favorite soap scents are sweet scents. Im not sure why, I just love sweet scented soaps.
@AuttyW recently posted..FOTD 3.30.12My Profile

Author Mar 31, 2012
10:27 pm
#9 Bieneke :

Wat leuk dat je meedoet aan mijn winactie. Laat me in een reply nog even weten wat je favoriete zeepgeur is, anders kan ik je niet meenemen in de loting ;)

Author Mar 31, 2012
10:30 pm
#10 Bieneke :

Don’t forget to retweet the sentence and follow me and Il Sapone on twitter, otherwise I can’t let you be in the giveaway. There still is time and it only takes a second ;) good luck!

Author Mar 31, 2012
10:38 pm
#11 Bieneke :

Ow I just saw that you did follow, I just can’t see the tweet because your profile is set to private. If you allow me to follow you, I will be able to see it :D I just send you the request. Sorry for the misunderstanding

Apr 1, 2012
12:37 am
#12 Jenna :

@KissesForUsAll I love vanilla and floral scents!

Apr 1, 2012
12:46 am
#13 va :

Hi , I don’t have a twitter account and would like to enter your giveaway but have fb .

I like this hamam olive soap


Apr 1, 2012
8:23 am
#14 Aik :

I follow both you you @3velyna and tweeted:!/3velyna/status/186337666156081152

My favourite soap scent would be grapefruit.

Apr 1, 2012
10:59 am
#15 Pleun :

Mijn favo geur is chocolade!
Geweldige actie, volg jullie beiden op twitter en heb zojuist getweet als @schuijtje75

Apr 1, 2012
11:00 am
#16 Dani :

Mijn favo zeepgeur is een geer met daarin mint verwerkt. Ik vind het heerlijk verfrissend om tijdens het douchen een klein beetje mint te ruiken, dat houdt je helder!



Apr 1, 2012
11:01 am
#17 Dani :

Oh poo,

Mijn twitter naam is @fashionkittycat :)

Apr 3, 2012
1:24 am

I love vanilla scents in my soap, but it cannot be anything drying as i have psoriasis and PCOS, skin nightmare!

Apr 3, 2012
11:39 am
#19 Francisca :

My favorite scent is lavender, it can calm me down.
My twitteraccount is @seraphinne.
Francisca recently posted..Scheveningen in JapanMy Profile

Apr 3, 2012
4:43 pm
#20 Sanna :

I love olive oil soap, because it has a light smell, and it doesn’t dry my skin!

My tweet;!/Sanna4444/status/187188161900847107

Apr 10, 2012
4:40 pm

I follow you both on twitter (I’m @smallftprints)
I tweeted:!/smallftprints/status/189723877100892160
My favorite soap scent (right now) is lemon … I adore it! But I also love Lavender. Thank you for this opportunity!
reducefootprints at gmail dot com
Small Footprints recently posted..The new age of publishing – Guest Post by SB KnightMy Profile

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