NOTD Catrice Ultimate Nudes 30-01-2012

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This nailpolish was bought with a 50% off coupon at a local drugstore. Normaly they retail for 2,50 euros, but I got it for 1,25 Yay!

I am talking about one of the Ultimate Nudes nailpolishes by Catrice in the shade 030 My Café Au Lait At Nôtre-Dame.
This is the perfect shade for me when I want my nails to be completely nude. In two coats it is 99% opaque and it applies like a dream. The texture is creamy but also a bit runny and not as thick as Essie polishes for instance. When you first apply it you can see the brushstrokes but they fade away when it dries. Drying time is also short for a nailpolish that isn’t marketed as “fast drying” which is a big plus. All in all I find that even for the full price of a bottle you get amazing value for your money.
I was also browsing online for cute nailpolish tutorials and I came across the Burberry design by BeautyNailsFun (dutch blog) for which this nailpolish would be the perfect base color.

When It dries it is slightly shiny but I could make it extra shiny by using the Rimmel Pro SuperWear topcoat on top.
The brush it wide but precise like all the Catrice nailpolishes, which I like a lot for applying nailpolish!

Here are some pictures of the bottle and my nails. I also tweeted a picture of me wearing it on my toes, but I don’t find that a suitable picture for my blog.




















I love the name of the polish becaus it did remind me of a café au lait when I applied it on my nails. It was like I was painting my nails with coffee Emoticon die tong uitsteekt

I am not sure If this could be a dupe for Essies Topless and Barefoot (or something to that effect) I could imagine that the Essie polish is a bit lighter. I am not in possesion of that Essie polish. My friend Sam just informed me that the Essie polish is a lot lighter and more pinktoned. Thank you Sammi :)

Question: What is your favorite nude color to wear on your nails?

Talk to you in my next post. Bye!

xoxo Sabine

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Jan 31, 2012
10:40 am
#1 Ellen :

De foto’s zijn prachtig!

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