Teacher Does Her Nails ~Blackboard Nailart Tutorial~

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Hi there lovely crumpets,

I have been putting off posting this video just because it is so different from my usual videos (and I just mean the voice) Im not that crazy about it but I do think It came out funny and that was all I intended.

Ok enough talking about my insecurities. Here is my nailart tutorial on how to get nails that look like schoolboards written on with chalk.
I hope you like it!

I got inspired when I testes this NYC topcoat on my nails which where painted with the lightblue in this video and I saw how much it looked like chalk.

Products used in this video are:
♥ Nailpolishremover (local drugstore brand)
♥ Basecoat (also from a local drugstore brand)
♥ Rimmel – Black Out
♥ Essie – Borrowed and Blue
♥ Revlon – White on White
♥ NYC – Matte me CRAZY topcoat
♥ A striper brush (which was crap and broke right after this tutorial)
♥ A eyeliner brush which has no brand that I got in a sale (3 for 1 euro)

Here are two pictures I posted on Instagram so you can see the nails again but with less movement ;)

Backboard Nails 1+1=2

Blackboard Nails ABCDE

Let me know if you are going to try this look. I would love to see pictures if you do!
I also think I’m the first on youtube with a tutorial on this even though it is so simple and fun. I could be wrong but When I searched I did not find any other video that looked remotely similar.

Until my next post!



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